In the tiles we see people from different places in the world, sitting in front of their computers, being connected through Courseus.

Are you organising an online training?


What is Courseus?

It is a digital product intended as support for those who organise both in-person and online trainings. Using it not only helps you save time and money, it also translates into greater comfort of usage and quality of your training. Sounds appealing? Read further to understand how exactly Courseus makes it possible.

People from all around the world during an online Courseus training

Virtual computer lab

Courseus is a virtual computer lab. On the screens of their computers the trainees see the desktops of the virtual computers on which they are working. The trainer, thanks to having access to participants’ desktops, can monitor their progress and offer support. There is no need for the instructor and the trainees to be in the same place.

A trainee sits in front of a desktop computer. Around him there are 99 identical workstations.

Prepare the training room quickly and easily

It can be time-consuming and exhausting to prepare and set up the computers for your trainees, especially when a big group is concerned. Yet thanks to Courseus you just create one virtual cumputer that acts as a model and with one simple click replicate it onto as many machines as you need. When a new group of trainees arrives, you may use the already saved pattern of the virtual machine.

A graphic. Two participants of the course in front of computers. The participant on the right is using Courseus and is smiling. The participant on the left received an ERROR alert and is sad.

Considerably limit the investments in desktop computers

Technological progress necessitates perpetual changes. It makes it imperative for you to constantly adapt your equipment to current requirements of modern software. Thanks to Courseus the trainees connect to virtual machines of significant power which can be controlled by means of a low-end laptop. It substantially cuts down the necessity for constant investments in your training equipment.

On the left a graphic depicting an in-person training. On the right a trainee being connected with a group through Courseus.

Monitor all of your trainees’ progress concurrently and non-intrusively

During traditional training the trainer has to go round the room to see the progress the participants are making. Having someone stand behind them and look into their screen can cause the trainees to feel uncomfortable. With Courseus, the trainees’ actions and progress are shown on the instructor's desktop allowing you to help the participants by connecting with them through the virtual computer at any given time.

A graphic. An online training with Courseus. The participants of the course in different situation, by a desk, in an armchair, on a sun lounger, on a park bench, in a restaurant.

Don't be limited by time and place

The participants and the instructor do not need to get to the training location as the training may be carried out fully or partially remotely. It allows everyone to save time and money which otherwise would be spent on the commute. It also makes it possible to bring in an instructor and students from all around the world. The trainees gain access to a greater number of specialists while the trainers can offer their services even in the distant corners of the globe.

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What do you get when using Courseus?

Immediate setup

Setup of many virtual desktops will take only a couple of seconds.


You do not need to have a top-end computer to use powerful virtual machines.

100% online

There is no need to install the software that is the subject of your training.

At all times and places

It is available from every place in the world, at every moment.

Pure profit

The training is organised faster and with lower expenses.

Technical support

We will walk you through the interface and will help you use the full potential of Courseus.

Laptop screen displaying Courseus. View from the trainer’s perspective.

Potential of virtual computers


-core CPU






operating systems

Supported operating systems

For your virtual machines you can choose one out of five operating systems:

Immediate setup

When preparing the training, you install software on the virtual computer. It becomes a model machine which can then be easily replicated. That is how the virtual computers the trainees are using are created, which means that everyone is working on a device with identical setup. It is possible to save the state of the virtual computer and then easily restore it at any moment. With the model machine up and running, you can swiftly prepare computers for your next group of trainees.

  • you are preparing one virtual computer that can be replicated
  • you have the ability to save are restore the state of the virtual computer
  • you can save a pattern of the machine for your upcoming courses


Virtual computer’s desktop is shared on the trainee’s screen. As the training is carried out on a virtual machine, accessed by the participants through their own computers, the trainees do not need to set up either their own computers or the virtual one in any way. Even while owning low-end equipment, they can use a virtual computer of high computing power with easily adjustable parameters reaching up to 16-core CPU, 64 GB of RAM and as much disk space as necessary.

  • the trainees work on the virtual machine while using personal computers
  • nothing more than a basic laptop is needed to operate the virtual computer

100% online

The trainees do not need to install the software that is the subject of the training. Better still, they do not even need to install Courseus. All that is necessary to join the course is the Internet and a web browser. During the training the instructor does not have access to the participants’ computers, only to the virtual machine with which they are connected. Seeing all of the trainees’ virtual screens at the same time, the instructor can verify who is doing well and who is in need of help, which can be provided through an online chat or a video call.

  • the trainees do not install anything on their computers
  • the trainer does not have access to participants’ computers
  • the instructor can monitor all of the trainees’ virtual screens

At all times and places

You use it wherever you are, whenever you want. Courseus’s servers are located all around the world. That is why it is of no importance whether the trainer and the trainees are physically in the same place; even if they connect with the virtual machine from different continents, Courseus will service these connections without any problems.

  • no time constraints
  • no space constraints

Pure profit

As the organiser of the course you do not have to invest in new desktop computers, otherwise necessary to conduct a training. There is no need to rent or prepare the space for training. You can save time not only commute-wise, but also with regard to the necessity to set up the desktop computers for your trainees. Additionally, the participants are not burdened with buying and installing the software that is the subject of the training.

  • you do not invest in desktop computers
  • you do not prepare computers for trainees
  • you do not have to rent a venue
  • you do not need to spend time on commute

Technical support

To make sure that you are using Courseus’s potential to its fullest, we provide you with full support. It is our representative that is in contact with you, not an automated bot. Our offers are customizable to individual needs. Not only will we help you choose the right setup for the computers, we will also tell you more about the software, teach you how to use it, and offer support in case of any technical difficulties.

  • we customize the offer
  • we will show you how to use Courseus
  • we will support you in case of technical problems

Our clients

Courseus is intended for training industry, but can be found useful in a wide variety of applications,
as confirmed by our clients from different sectors.

Our clients' opinions

I am pleased to inform that with help of the platform Courseus we carried out a series of trainings regarding accounting programs, including Płatnik, Comarch Optima, and Kadry i Płace, all in distance learning form. Thanks to Courseus all of the participants had access to virtual desktops with preprepared identical environments. All of the activities related to adaptation of the said environment went smoothly. We avoided issues connected with installing software on participants’ computers, otherwise very common. We recommend Courseus due to ease of use, remote work comfort, and the possibility to monitor trainees’ progress on an ongoing basis. We also appreciated Courseus’s instant technical support and customer service, as well as their help in choosing an appropriate type of plan during the purchase.
While using the Courseus platform during the COVID pandemic I carried out trainings from the program Płatnik and the HR program Symfonia Kard i Płac. The courses on virtual machines turned out to be really effortless, both for me as the person conducting the training, and for the participants. Great advantages of Courseus include the ability to view all of the trainees’ desktops, instant reaction of the Courseus staff to encountered problems and their help during the trainings. The technical support team were always of assistance, not only to me as the instructor, but also to the participants, so everyone could easily connect to their virtual machines and the training could proceed without any technical issues.
What allowed us to successfully complete the conducted trainings were Courseus’s comprehensive offer, professional assistance, and experienced staff. We are very pleased with the cooperation, smooth functioning of the platform, and good communication. Courseus team are happy to share useful advice and are really dedicated to finding the best solutions to any situation that might arise. For our part, we recommend Courseus as an example of reliability and professionalism.

Write and inform us that you would like to try Courseus out. You will be given an opportunity to carry out a training free of charge.

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After you get in touch with us we will present you an offer customized to your needs. The prices are dependant on the number of participants, chosen operating system, and required computer power.

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1700 PLN

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  • 12 people
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 4 cores
  • Windows


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  • 10 people
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 4 cores
  • Windows

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